Cargo Insurance

Because there is always a risk that goods in transit may be damaged, lost or delayed, you can protect your property by purchasing transportation insurance. As all Airlines, shipping lines, forwarders work with limited liabilities or their general conditions.

Transportation insurance is a policy that offers coverage on the insured property while it is in transit from one location to another on any necessary mode of transport. This includes transport by land, air, and water.

Coverage depends on the specific policy but may include theft, fire, and other similar perils. Besides opting for transportation insurance, making sure the goods are packed safely and securely also mitigates any loss.

Our subsidiary, Space Air, acts as a General Sales Agent for Airlines in Curacao. Space Air has many years of experience in airline representation. Our Services incorporate among others, sales & marketing, reservation & bookings, Physical handling of the goods & trucking, and administrative handling.

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One of our top airline is DHL Aviations and they provide a comprehensive airport to airport service for items as varied as race horses, morning papers, perishables, pharmaceuticals, delicate cargo, or dangerous goods.

DHL Aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean is supported by a group of local airlines: DHL Aero Expreso SA, DHL de Guatemala, Vensecar C.A., TRans Am Aero Express del Exuador.